Thrift Shop hours; Friday, Saturday, and Monday, from 10 am to 2 pm.

Clean, new, ground level thrift store with a variety of gently used items for sale at great bargains. Established to provide affordable toys, books, household items, clothes and accessories to our community while promoting the church’s mission.

The thrift shop is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers, Jeannine Cranor and Conni Still are the co-directors; the rest of the volunteers make themselves available on a regular basis, occasional hours, or as needed. Many are parishioners of St. Paul’s, some are members of other churches, and some simply want to help their community in this way. Occasionally, we have high school students, or others performing community service, join us bringing a youthful exuberance to the shop. We welcome all who can and do help.

Each month we prepare a special table featuring assorted items like wedding gowns, fine china, granny’s attic, crafts and/or holiday related goods. Every week something different is selected as a “clearance sale” item.

Over the years we have had fashion shows, featuring our own volunteers, family members and parishioners modeling donated clothing. Our shows include a lovely luncheon. This is always a fun day with lots of laughter and good fellowship and all of our profits go to help St. Paul’s continue in their various outreach programs for the Patchogue community.

Our long term goal is to have one or two more parishioners become co-directors. That would allow us to open more days a week. Meanwhile we provide clothing, books, jewelry and housewares to our community in an attractive shop for reasonable prices.

Our pretty little shop has incidentally become a friendly informal community meeting place for customers and volunteers alike who have come to know and like one another while they are in the shop.