Fr. Gill Azevedo

Gill grew up on the coast of northeast Brazil in Recife City. He has a bachelor’s degree in Theology (Anglican Studies) from S.A.E.T Anglican Seminary of Theological Studies in Northeast Brazil. He arrived in the United States, Georgia, in 1999 looking for more study opportunities. It was here that he  met his wife Tiffany,  through a friend of a friend. They got married in September 2002 and welcomed a son, Ian, in 2004. This year will be their 20th wedding anniversary. Tiffany, an elementary teacher, is from Michigan originally and their son Ian, who just turned 18, is about to finish high school. They moved to Utah in 2012 to be closer to Tiffany’s family when her mother became ill. It was also in Utah that he finished his requirements to the priesthood and became ordained.  Gill has a passion for Evangelism and preaching the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ for everyone.

Gill is a football fan and roots for the Patriots and the Bucs. He is also a former professional indoor (Futsal) soccer player and always enjoys watching the Brazilian team play. He loves fishing and spending time on the beach. He always says that the best way to spend the day is staying close to home, cooking and spending time with his family and friends or watching a good movie and sharing a good laugh.