Stony Brook Baroque Players perform in concert at St. Paul’s, Saturday, April 13 at 7:00pm

Walk  with  Christ  through  Holy Week.  The  schedule  is  found  on  the  inside  of  the  bulletin  cover — add  Monday – Wednesday,  5:30pm,   Evening  Prayer  in  the  chapel.

Easter  Flower  envelopes  are  included;  please  return  them  to  the  parish  office  no  later  than  Wednesday  at  1:00pm.

Parish  grounds  clean-up  after  church  today  or  at  your  convenience  before  Easter Day.

Book discussions:  “The Path” this Sunday (4/14) at 9:30am, and “Walk in Love” on Wednesday at 11am followed by Holy Eucharist at 11:30am

Easter  Day,  “the  Queen  of  Feasts”:  after  the  most  important  feast  (the  Eucharist)  please  enjoy our  coffee  hour  feast.  If  you  can  contribute  a  small  bit  of  your  favorite  Easter  treat,  please  do.  


TODAY (4/14):  ​8:00am: Liturgy  of  the  Palms  &  Holy  Eucharist,    Rite I

​​9:30am: Book Discussion “The Path”

​​9:45am: Kinder Care

10:00am: Liturgy  of  the  Palms  &  Holy Eucharist  Rite II

Monday:       10:00am: Thrift Shop

Wednesday:11:00am:  Book Discussion followed by

11:30am: Holy Eucharist 

​​7:30pm: Choir​

Maundy  Thursday​10:30am: Food Pantry

Good  Friday:10:00am: Thrift Shop 

​​2:30m: St. Clare’s Guild

Holy  Saturday:10:00am: Thrift Shop  

Sunday: (4/21)8:00am: Lighting  of  the Paschal  Candle  and

Holy Eucharist, Rite I

​​9:45am: Kinder Care

10:00am:  Flowering  of  the  Cross  and  Holy  Eucharist,  Rite  II